Animal News.

Watching: At the Lighthouse Animal Sanctuary, there was a lonely blind bison named Helen who became best friends with an orphaned calf named Oliver. These two are now inseparable and have a happy life at the sanctuary. The video below shares their story.

Listening to: this week, I was listening to the first full episode of This is Pawprint, an animal rescue podcast. The first episode is an interview with Christine Kavanagh, who works at the Aloft Hotel in downtown Asheville, North Carolina. This hotel is a bit special, as it’s not only a very pet friendly one but also hosts foster dogs! The foster dog program at this hotel has been happening for a couple years now and more information about the dogs they’re currently fostering can be found on their Facebook page.

Reading: Why letting goldfish go wild is a bad idea: they become giant pests by Johnny Lieu – this article speaks to goldfish in Australia but releasing pets into the wild all around the world can have immense impacts on the native species and ecosystem.

Support: The Lighthouse Animal Sanctuary – this week, I’ve shared the story of Helen and Oliver. This unlikely duo live at the Lighthouse Animal Sanctuary in Oregon, which is home to 200 animals. The nonprofit also does education and outreach for people to learn more about the lives of the animals at the sanctuary.

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