Animal News

Watching: Last Minutes With Oden – I discovered this video a few years ago and it’s one of the sweetest videos I’ve seen. It’s just a few minutes but speaks volumes to the impact that dogs have on our lives and how special they are. Dogs like Oden just have so much unconditional love and really embody what we should be striving towards. (As a side note, my own dog heard me crying while I rewatched this video and came over to check in, which of course only made me cry even more.)

Listening to: Galapagos from Radiolab – this episode takes a look at the Galapagos island and the conservation effort that’s happening on many different fronts. During this hour long episode, we hear about the population explosion of goats on many of the islands, the attempts to restore tortoises to one island, and what’s behind the declining finch populations.

Reading: How Climate Change Could Make Sea Turtles Extinct – Peter Fugazzotto, The Establishment

Supporting: Animals can provide an amazing source of comfort and a sense of connection to so many people – something that the organization Animals as Natural Therapy in Whatcom County seems to know very well. The organization helps a wide range of people deal with many problems and never turns away anyone because of an inability to pay. You can help by donating, sponsoring an animal, or getting something off their wish list.

My name is Andrea and I take care of a wide variety of animals in the Pacific Northwest. I started 'Animals of the Pacific Northwest' to talk about what I do on a regular basis and to talk about the wild and native species that also call this place home.

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