As a spin on this week’s Animal News, I’ll be talking about Hurricane Harvey. Normally, I post Animal News each Friday but the demand for help and support is urgent. It’s hard to miss any news updates about the storm but Hurricane Harvey has dumped feet of water onto southeast Texas since it made landfall last week and will continue to bring rain for the next few days. People have been evacuating their homes as the water rises and floods continue.

You can donate blood and money to the American Red Cross and the Houston Mayor has established a relief fund at The Greater Houston Community Foundation. There are other relief funds at organizations like the United Way of Greater Houston, The Center for Disaster Philanthropy, and GlobalGiving. Food banks like Feeding Texas, Houston Food Bank, and Galveston Food Bank are all accepting donations but money can often be the most effective way of helping those organizations. For more organizations to help support:

Animals are also impacted by this storm, with some people unable to take their pets with them and farm life being stuck behind. Organizations like SPCA Texas, the Wildlife Center of Texas, Dallas DogRRR, and Austin Pets Alive! have been working on rescuing animals during this storm and are in need of donations and help. The SPCA of Texas has also complied a list of safe shelters for those travelling with their pets.

*I can’t personally vouch for or endorse any of these groups and a good place to some research on any of them is Charity Navigator.

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