Animal news – Sept. 29, 2017

Watching: Kedi โ€“ a documentary about Istanbulโ€™s street cats. For centuries, street cats have roamed around the city of Istanbul and have become a vital part of the cityโ€™s life and culture.ย  I watched the film a few months ago and it was such an incredible movie. Itโ€™s beautifully shot, with an amazing soundtrack and great stories. You can watch this amazing film on Youtube Red now or preorder a digital or blu ray copy.


Reading: An Ode to My Giant, Odorous Greyhound โ€“ Noah Berlatsky, The Establishment

Supporting: as this week is Sea Otter Awareness Week, Iโ€™d recommend supporting the Monterey Bay Aquarium and the conservation work they do for the species!

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