Today, television stations all over the country are partnering up with local rescue organizations to adopt out all the rescue animals that need loving forever homes! Clear the Shelters is an annual, nation wide adoption days that works to help find great homes for rescue animals and since its inception in 2015, more than 205,000 animals have been adopted! Just today, more than 50,000 animals have found their new families.

Adopting an animal is a serious decision to make because dogs, cats, and other pets are a lot of work. But that work is often utterly rewarding because having an animal companion brings so much joy and love into a house. And rescues make wonderful pets! Rooster is a rescue and he came to my family at the beginning of 2012 after several months of different foster families. Since joining my family, he’s been an absolute joy to have around!

If you want to know about about the Clear the Shelters event, including what rescue organizations are participating, the website has a lot of great information! They have info to know before and after adopting, different pet friendly colleges, and all kinds of amazing animal stories, including one about officers evacuating an animal shelter that was in the path of a wildfire.

And if you’re looking for more information about caring for dogs, cats, and other animals, there are tons of resources and communities online and in real life! For example, I have a few posts about what it’s like caring for dogs and/or cats. And dog bars/cafes like Paws For A Beer in Bellingham, Dogwood Play Park in Seattle, and Java Hound Coffee Bar in Portland are great places to hang out with your dog and meet other dogs and their owners!

Adopting a rescue is a such a wonderful decision. I’ve gone on so many adventures with Rooster, learned so much from him, and felt so incredibly loved by him. Being able to provide a loving, forever home to him has been one of the best things I’ve been able to do because he’s just always grateful to have a family. If you are looking to have a animal companion join your family, consider adopting!

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