Happy Sea Otter Awareness Week! Last Sunday started off this year’s fun filled week all about otters and there are so many ways to interact and learn more about these cute animals. Here are some fun resources to learn more about and see/watch sea otters:

Sea Otter Videos

Watching sea otters do just about anything is such a fun activity! The Vancouver Aquarium, for example, has a live cam and an underwater cam so you can watch these cute little animals play around even if you can’t make it to the aquarium! And the Vancouver Aquarium isn’t the only one in the Pacific Northwest with sea otter cams, as the Seattle Aquarium also has a Sea Otter Cam!

Similarly, the Oregon Zoo’s Just For Fauna show has an episode about caring for Eddie the senior otter! You can watch that short video below and learn more about Eddie on the Oregon Zoo’s site.

See Sea Otters In Real Life!

As fun as it is to watch videos of sea otters, it can be even more fun to see them in real life! All of the aforementioned aquariums (Seattle Aquarium and Vancouver Aquarium), plus the Oregon Zoo, have sea otter exhibits that you can go visit. And there’s always the possibility of seeing sea otters while out on the Salish Sea or along the Washington and Oregon coasts but chances are slim for seeing one in the wild, as these animals are endangered. But over the past few years, their populations in the area seem to be growing!

Sea Otter Events and Resources

This weekend (September 29-30 2018), the Seattle Aquarium will be hosting a few events where you can learn from experts about sea otters and even see an enrichment demonstration! To learn more, click here to go to their site. Plus, you can also see sea otters at the Oregon Zoo and Vancouver Aquarium! And at the Vancouver Aquarium, you can also go behind the scenes to see and learn more about sea otters! Space is limited for the behind the scenes tours but you can learn more and sign up online.

Here are some more resources to learn more about these cute animals this week:

Of course, there are so many other resources and ways to learn about and see sea otters this week and all year round! Are you doing anything sea otter related this week? Let me know in the comments!

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