Today is Halloween, the spookiest day of the year! There have been so many exciting and fun Halloween events all around the Pacific Northwest this year and a few more happening today! What are you and your pets planning to do today?

If you’re planning to trick or treat with your pets, make sure to keep an eye on how they’re feeling! Sometimes, large crowds can be stressful for dogs and adding a costume of any kind to that can only add to the stress. If possible, try on their costumes before going into a crowd or party and be ready to take it off if they seem stressed. Trying the costume on beforehand can also get the animals used to it! If your dog or cat isn’t into the whole costume thing, a simple Halloween themed bandana or bowtie could be used to keep things festive!

Halloween candy can be an excellent treat for humans but a not so great treat for animals. Sugar and chocolate are two things your pets shouldn’t have but the toxicity of these two things will largely depend on how much they ate, their breed/size, and the type of chocolate/candy. If your pet does eat some chocolate and exhibits some worrying symptoms (like vomiting, diarrhea, and rapid breathing), it can be good to get them immediate veterinary care!

If you want to give your dog a Halloween treat, there are a few treats you can make yourself! One such treat is the pumpkin and peanut butter treat. This easy to make treat is excellent for your dog, delicious for them, and can be molded to any shape!

Rooster, Milo, and I hope you all are having a wonderfully spooky and safe Halloween!

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