In just five relatively short videos, Puppy Prep is a documentary series that follows a service dog training class at Doggy Do Good, a training organization in California. Each episode in roughly 10-15 minutes in length and highlights a different part of service dog training each time! If you’re interested in the work that service dogs do, liked the film Pick Of The Litter, or just love dogs in general, this short show is a great watch.

Produced by Buzzfeed, Puppy Prep isn’t exactly what you’d expect from the giant media company. The show isn’t filled with clickbait graphics but it is a great mix of cute and informative, which would make it an excellent watch for families with kids (especially if you have kids who love dogs!).

Like the documentary Pick of the Litter, Puppy Prep shows the dedication and work that goes into the training of service dogs and just how important these dogs are to the people they end up working with. It was really cool to see all the training exercises that these dogs go through to help hone their focus.

You can watch the show on Facebook Watch, YouTube and Hulu! You can also learn more about the organization featured in the show, Doggie Does Good, on their website.

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