Recently, I shared that my pet sitting and dog walking services for those in Bellingham, WA. But that’s not the only part of Animals of the Pacific Northwest! This blog has been a huge part of my life for the last three years and I’ve learned so much. Since its inception, I’ve written about weasels, the history and care of different dog breeds, Salish Resident Killer Whales, and so much more.

Recently, I’ve been thinking about creating a Patreon for this blog. If you’re unfamiliar, Patreon is a membership/subscription platform for fans to support some of their favorite creators. Podcasters often use it to support their show while interacting with fans; artists sometimes use it to support a side hustle project, like Sarah Mirk’s Year of Zines project.

Creators often add rewards for different levels of support; often, supporters can get behind the scenes content, stickers, direct access to creators, the ability to suggest content, and so much more. If I created a Patreon, some rewards would include biweekly email newsletters, postcards, prints of your favorite photos I’ve taken, and the chance to suggest content.

Would you be interested in supporting this blog on Patreon? If so, let me know in the poll above or in the comments!

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