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Some posts on Animals of the Pacific Northwest contain affiliate links that I could make a commission off of. All opinions expressed are my own and any post with affiliate links will contain a disclosure statement at the beginning. There are some additional ads on the site that I could also make a commission off of.


Additionally, I am not a vet nor do I have any professional experience or training in veterinary medicine. The tips and information I share should not be substituted for medical advice and if you are concerned about your pet or need more advice, I urge you to contact your vet or the local emergency animal hospital.

This also goes for any behavioral or nutritional changes you might make for your pet. If you want to try new food or take your dog on an intense and extensive hike, please talk to your vet.

I also encourage you to do more research on the topics covered here. While I try to do plenty of research, there is a lot that I can’t cover in a single post.