Feature Friday.

Every Friday, I’ll be sharing rescue animals looking for their forever homes and organizations working on environmental and animal related issues here in the Pacific Northwest. Here is some information about the animals and organizations:

3/29/2019 Animals As Natural Therapy (@ant_bellingham) is a nonprofit located in Whatcom County that helps youth, veterans, and so many others work through issues by connecting with animals. In addition to providing riding lessons, they also have a mobile unit that goes to events and places like nursing homes to provide some happiness and comfort!

Learn more on their website.

4/5/2019 Jagger and Ringo at Catfe in Vancouver, BC. Jagger and Ringo are a bonded pair up for adoption through Catfe and BCSPCA. You can meet the cats that temporarily call Catfe home both in person at the cafe or online.

If you’re not able to adopt Jagger and Ringo, you can still support Catfe and their partner, BC SPCA! These two organizations help to find forever homes for animals in British Columbia. The cafe has been open since December 2015 and has helped over 600 cats find their forever homes! In addition to providing a foster home (of sorts) to cats, the cafe offers merchandise of indie artists, great coffee, and cute baked goods.