There are so many places around the northwest that are animal friendly in some way! While dogs aren’t allowed everywhere with us, there are plenty of dog friendly restaurants stores, and parks in the region. And there are other places where you can go be around other animals or nature itself. Here are some fun places that I love:

Here is a breakdown of the icons:

  • The cat icons will indicate cat cafes
  • The dog icons are places where dogs are allowed (i.e. restaurants, stores, park)
  • The bird icons are nature preserves (usually where dogs and cats are not allowed)
  • The octopus/kraken icons are aquariums or touch tanks
  • The beer icons are dog friendly breweries. The yellow beer ones are bars/breweries open especially for dogs and their owners (like Paws For A Beer in Bellingham!).

To learn more about some of the places above, here are the posts I’ve written about these places:

Like with the events page, this will be a work in progress and more places will be added as time goes on!