Services and Rates.

Animals of the Pacific Northwest, LLC provides a variety of services for folks in the Bellingham, WA area who need pet care while they work or are away from home. For existing clients, our currently agreed-upon rates remain the same. I am currently not accepting new overnight pet clients because of Covid-19. Services include:

  • Dog walking
  • Overnight care for dogs and cats, including daily walks, medication administration, affection/attention, and waste pickup
  • Plant watering (in and outdoors)
  • Bathroom breaks
  • Pet-related errands

Dog Walking and Bathroom Breaks

Many dogs love any sort of walk or adventure and the exercise provides many benefits for both human and canine. Additionally, walks are a great bathroom break for dogs. If you’d prefer just a visit and bathroom break in the backyard, the rates remain the same. A backyard visit would include belly rubs, water change, fetch (if your dog plays), and any other necessary care.

Current daily dog walking rates for walks around nearby parks or your neighborhood (includes any and all of your dogs):

30-45 minute walk: $20

45-60 minute walk: $25

60-90 minute walk: $30

If your dog needs more intense walks, I do offer longer walks. A 2-3 hour hike is $45.

Overnight Care

Animals of the Pacific Northwest, LLC offers overnight care for your pets at the comfort of your own home! By remaining at home, your pet avoids the potential stress of a new place and gets the individual care and attention they might need.

Cat Overnight: $25 a day

This includes two 30+ minute visits each day, feeding, cleaning of litter boxes, fresh water changes, affection/play, and medication administration if need be and any other care your cat might require. This rate includes care for 1-3 cats

Dog Overnight: $40 a day

This includes 1-2 walks a day, bathroom breaks throughout the day, belly rubs and attention, pet waste pickup, medication administration if need be, and any additional care your dog might require. This rate includes care for 1-3 dogs at a time.

Dog+Cat (4-5 per household): $60 a day

Add $2 a day for each additional pet after the 5th one in the house.

Pet Errands

Do you need someone to pick up your pet from the vet (or somewhere else) and drop them off at home while you’re at work? I am able to help out!

Pet Pick Up: $15 round trip within Bellingham city limits; $25 for any trip outside Bellingham within Whatcom County. The client will need to contact the business (i.e. vet office) to let them know the change in pick up.

Farm Animals

Pet care at Animals of the Pacific Northwest, LLC is not limited to dogs and cats. If you have farm animals in Whatcom County, like chickens, horses, sheep, or even llamas, I am more than able and experienced to help. Rates for overnight care will depend on the number of animals and the level of care they might need but start at $30 a day.

Plant Watering

In addition to pet care, plant watering is another service offered (even if you don’t have a pet). If you’re going out of town and need someone to water your garden or any indoor plants, please contact me! My base rate for watering plants and garden care is $15 every day I’d be watering.