About – My name is Andrea and I spend time taking care of animals and exploring the Pacific Northwest. I grew up in Western Washington and went to university in Portland, Oregon. Now, I’m back in my hometown caring for dogs, cats, chickens, sheep, and even a llama!

I’ve created this space for animal enthusiasts of the Pacific Northwest. Whether it’s backyard chickens, llamas, sheep, dogs, cats, or the native wildlife that call this place home, this will be a hub to learn more about the natural world around us.

This is me, with my one eyed black lab named Rooster. He’s a rescue from the amazing organization Happy Tails, Happy Homes and is a sweet senior pup who loves to say hi to everyone.

Why? I wanted to start this because I really wanted to share what I was doing and to talk about the animals in my life. I want to do this to really explore more and to do more – it’s a reason to go on more adventures. I also realize that I live a bit of a weird life – taking care of all the different animals that I do in a town like Bellingham is a bit unusual. I’ve also just learned so much from the animals I care for and I just really want to share what I’ve learned and share all the joy and happiness that these animals bring into my life.