My name is Andrea Merrill and I spend time taking care of animals and exploring the Pacific Northwest. I grew up in Western Washington and went to university in Portland, Oregon. Now, I’m back in my hometown caring for dogs, cats, and chickens. Over the years, I’ve also taken care of a couple sheep and llamas! I created Animals of the Pacific Northwest back in August 2017 for animal enthusiasts of the Pacific Northwest. Whether it’s backyard chickens, llamas, sheep, dogs, cats, or the native wildlife that call this place home, this will be a hub to learn more about the natural world around us.

Why? I wanted to start this because I really wanted to share what I was doing and to talk about the animals in my life. I want to do this to really explore more and to do more – it’s a reason to go on more adventures. I also realize that I live a bit of a weird life – taking care of all the different animals that I have in a town like Bellingham is a bit unusual. I’ve also just learned so much from the animals I care for and I just really want to share what I’ve learned and all the joy and happiness that these animals bring into my life.

PHOTO: Me & Rooster Dog. [Alt ID a person wearing a ‘happy birthday’ crown looks into the camera with a one eyed lab sitting on the left with a birthday hat]



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