Today (roughly) marks the day that Rooster has been with my family for 6 years! My mom met Rooster at a family friend’s New Year’s Eve party celebrating the end of 2011 and I distinctly remember her coming home from the party and running over to me to tell me about the dog she had met. (My mom and I share a love for dogs.) The entire family went to meet Rooster and his foster family the next day and just fell in love. It wasn’t long between us meeting him and him coming to spend a few days as a trial visit. A few days ultimately lead to 6 years!

The past 6 years have had its ups and downs. His severe separation anxiety means that my mom and I have to work out a schedule of who’s going to hang out with him and it sometimes means he spends the entire day following us from one room to another. He’s also had some medical issues (including an illness that hit him hard one year and having to get several teeth removed).

But the good really outweighs the bad to be honest. Watching him play in the snow brings a smile to anyone’s face and there’s almost nowhere he loves more than the beach. He’s gotten to say hi to many types of animals (goats, sheep, llamas, many other dogs, and more!) and gone to many different parks. He’s discovered the irresistible taste of apples (thank you to Milo for showing him how tasty this fruit is!) and eats like a king every day.

One of the best thing about Rooster is really just how much he loves people and how much people take to him. During the summer, he loves to walk around parks and say hi to every single person we come across. He’s great with kids and is incredibly gentle with everyone he meets. He’s such a wonderful and memorable pup that I’m regularly asked about him if I’m out and about without him!

Taking care of Rooster and having him be a part of the family over the past few years has been incredible. If you’re currently looking for a dog, I definitely recommend adopting a rescue! There are shelters and foster organizations all over that are looking for permanent homes for dogs and many other animals. For now though, Rooster’s celebrating the day with naps and walks with my mom and I. Later on, he’ll even get an apple! After a traumatic past, this dog is living his best life.

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