Golden retrievers are wonderful and incredibly sweet dogs. Milo is just one of the many pups celebrating National Golden Retriever Day today and to honor this breed, here are some fun facts about goldens!

ONE: Golden Retrievers are naturally great swimmers and are often fond of the water! If you love the beach or lake, this breed is for you.

TWO: Goldens are very social companions and are family dogs. This means that unlike a few other breeds, they will need to be with their “pack” (aka their people). Only get a golden retriever if you’re willing to have a lovable goofball of a dog in the house and always underfoot! Any Golden will also desperately want to be a part of any family activity.

THREE: Typically, golden retrievers aren’t great guard dogs and often just want to be best friends with any person that’s near them. Milo, for example, only ever barks out of excitement when I come around and will often bring someone a shoe when they come over.

FOUR: This breed was initially bred for retrieving ducks and other fowls for hunters, which means that they’ll often need daily exercise. Even at 10 years old, Milo has a ton of energy everyday! A walk, jog, time in the yard or dog park, swimming/running at the beach or lake, or a game of fetch are all ways to keep your golden happy and healthy.

FIVE: This bred was initially developed in the mid-1800s in Scotland. A man named Dudley Coutts Majoribanks (the first Baron Tweedmouth) is often credited for breeding the first golden retriever by mating a yellow wavy-coated retriever named Nous and a Tweed Water-Spaniel named Belle. (Tweed Water-Spaniels, as a breed, are sadly now extinct.)

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