ONE: Maine Coon cats are one of the biggest domesticated cats! Female Maine Coon cats can weigh 9 to 16 pounds while males weigh 13 to 18 pounds. They’re not the largest domesticated cat but do join the ranks of Norwegian Forest cats and Ragdolls as some of the biggest.  Despite their larger size, they’re gentle giants and usually have very sociable, playful natures.

TWO: There are a few different theories as to how these cats came to be. One unlikely (and scientifically unsound) one is that they came from domesticated cats mating with raccoons. Another is that they came from six pet cats that Queen Marie Antoinette shipped to Maine while she was trying to escape France during their revolution.

The more likely story is that this breed actually came from when short hair domesticated cats were bred with long hair cats that were introduced to the New England area by Vikings or other seamen. Centuries ago, there were many ships that had cats on board to help control mice and genetic testing actually indicates that these cats are descendants of Norwegian Forest Cats and an extinct short-haired breed.

THREE: Oftentimes, people associate Maine Coon cats with thick, brown, raccoon-like coats but in reality, these cats can come in about 75 different colors and patterns! Their long, dense coats also make them ready for winter weather (which is good for any cat in New England winters!). Plus, their paws are often large and tufted (essentially, their paws are very furry), which essentially makes them built-in snow boots.

FOUR: Many Maine Coon cats like water and will go swimming! In addition to keeping them warm during cold weather, their coats are also water resistant and some have been known to jump into kiddie pools or bath tubs.

FIVE: They can be talkative cats but don’t actually meow! Instead, Maine Coon cats will chirp and trill to communicate. Trilling is a combination of a meow and purr and is often used as a greeting to people and other cats.

A head’s up: These cats are incredibly cute but they also need a lot of space and care, meaning they might not be the best cats to have if you live in an apartment and work a lot. They’re long-haired cats with a unique coat, meaning that they’ll need to be brushed regularly and bathed on occasion. Not brushing any long hair cat could lead to their coats getting matted, which is uncomfortable for them!

And those are just some fun facts about Maine Coon cats! These cats are a unique and wonderful breed that’s for sure.

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