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Zooburbia [review]

Zooburbia was one of those books that I randomly found at a bookstore and I’m so glad I picked it up. Tai Moses is a nature writer and in this book, she writes about the ways in which those in urban and suburban areas share their environment with wildlife. There are moments of mindfulness, reflections on the natural world, and how urban development has impacted wildlife.

Even months after reading this book, I find myself thinking about it and the ways in which Moses writes about our connection with and impact on the wildlife and animals around us. Moses writes about so many animals – from a goat that kept getting stuck in a fence to an octopus in a pet store to volunteering at a shelter and bounding with a pit bull named Autumn to confronting a hotel about a lonely goldfish in a tiny bowl on the reception desk. Each chapter brings a new essay and story about a different animal and lessons on how we can all be better stewards to them

This book is one that’s best read with a cup of tea, a sleepy dog by your side, and a willingness to reevaluate the ways in which you understand and think about the wildlife around you. This book reminded me to be present in nature, to look around at my surroundings, and to see all the ways in which wildlife coexists with us.

If you have a love for animals and the nature around us, I definitely recommend this book.

My name is Andrea and I take care of a wide variety of animals in the Pacific Northwest. I started 'Animals of the Pacific Northwest' to talk about what I do on a regular basis and to talk about the wild and native species that also call this place home.

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