For the last 48 years, April 22nd has been Earth Day, a worldwide celebration of the planet we call home and a day to work on environmental issues. There are many people all over the world who spend the day doing work like planting trees and other plants, removing invasive species, or even attending lectures or films centered on environmental justice.

Environmental justice and working with animals goes hand and hand, as caring for wildlife also means caring for the habitats they also call home. Year round care for the environment is important but this weekend is always a fun way to spend time outside or learning about earth stewartship. Here are some great events happening this weekend around the Pacific Northwest:

  • Pints & Public Lands Film Fest: An Earth Day Celebration at Peddling Brewing Company in Seattle, WA
    • Friday, April 20, 7-9pm
    • 1514 NW Leary Way, Seattle, Washington 98107
  • Earth Day Restoration Event at Seward Park Audubon Center in Seattle, WA
    • Saturday, April 21, 10am to noon
    • 5902 Lake Washington Blvd S, Seattle, Washington 98118
  • Wildlife Festival at Discovery Park in Seattle, WA
    • Saturday, April 21st, 1pm to 5pm
    • 3801 W Government Way, Seattle, WA 98199
  • FutureFest at Anacortes Transit Shed Event Center in Anacortes, WA
  • National Geographic’s Photo Ark Exhibit at the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle, WA
    • Opening Friday, April 20th and will be at the zoo until the end of September 2018
    • This photo exhibit is a visual collection of all kinds of animals that live in zoos and wildlife sanctuaries.
    • Visit National Geographic online for more about the project as a whole.
    • The Exhibit at the Woodland Park Zoo is free with zoo admission
  • Earth Day at the Oregon Zoo in Portland, OR
    • Sunday, April 22nd, 9:30am to 3pm
    • In addition to seeing all the usual but wonderful sights of the Oregon Zoo, you can also pick up an Earth Day passport and go around learning about different wildlife. There will be wildlife biologists from the US Fish and Wildlife Service, folks from the Oregon Bee Project, a game about invasive species from the West Multnomah Soil and Water Conservation District, and so much more!
    • Plus, there will be local food carts!
    • The Earth Day activities are free with zoo admission 
  • A Night For the Animals and the Earth, Coach and Horse in Nanaimo, BC, Canada
    • Sunday, April 22nd, 4pm to 9pm
    • This night out is a fundraiser for two farm animal sanctuaries on Vancouver Island: RASTA Sanctuary and Home For Hooves Sanctuary. There will be a vegan buffet, games, door prizes, and a talk on rescuing animals!
    • Cost: $25
    • 321 Selby Street, Nanaimo, BC V9R 2R4, Canada

There are thousands of events happening this weekend all around the world to celebration and care for the earth and the ones above are just a few that are happening in the Pacific Northwest! There’s a good chance that something is going to be happening near you and there are so many kinds of events! Bird watching, volunteering, dinners, and films are just some of the great ways to spend this weekend.

I can’t even begin to list all the events that are happening in the region this weekend but here are some great resources to find more Earth Day events in the Pacific Northwest:

Are there any events that you’re excited about this weekend? Let me know in the comments, as I love hearing about Earth Day celebrations!!

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