Over the last few months, I’ve written about what it’s like to be a dog owner and what dogs need to be a happy and healthy part of your family! Dogs are a wonderful addition to a family and can often bring so much joy and love to a home. While they do need care and love in return, you’re not alone when it comes to figuring out how to provide the best life for your dog. Here are some resources on caring for your pup:

Dogs in Public Spaces

While the Pacific Northwest is a pretty dog friendly place, there are some things to know about bring your dog places, introducing them to other dogs, and going up to strange dogs.

Can My Dog Say Hi? This is such an important question because not all dogs are friendly and not all people are going to want to say hi to your dog. The best course of action while out and about is to ask before letting your dog say hi!

Can I Bring My Dog? Similarly, not every place or party is going to be dog friendly. All places are required to allow service dogs but not every place will allow nonworking dogs in for a few reasons. A big part of this is for health and safety reasons. And while I’m sure that your dog is the best dog in the world, not everyone is okay with dogs or wants to be around them.

Dog Etiquette (Or: Things I Wish People Would Do Around Dogs) If you come across a dog and want to pet it, the best thing to do is ask before petting! And if the owner says yes, make sure to let the dog greet/sniff you so they aren’t caught off guard. Similarly, do not feed a dog any food or treats unless you’ve gotten express permission from the owner. Human food is especially a no no for strange dogs and it’s just as important to ask if they can have a dog treat. Some dogs have sensitive stomachs and while you might think it’s a good idea, giving a new dog a treat of any kind could result in the dog having issues later on.

A Pet’s Health

Finding a Veterinarian can be overwhelming but it’s important to have one that you love and that’s good with your dog! Do your research into the veterinarian and their practice and read what others are saying.

Sunburns in Cats and Dogs is a real thing! Taking care of your pet’s skin, especially during the summer months, can help prevent any pain, burns, and even cancer! Being inside or in the shade during the sunny and hots moments of summer can mean they’re less likely to get burned and/or overheated.

Grooming Your Dog is an important part of regular care for your dog! Every dog is going to need regular care like brushing, baths, dental care (like brushing teeth!), and nail trimming. While most dogs will only need one or two full baths a year, quick but more frequent rinse offs and brushing can help keep their coats clean! Some breeds, like Goldens and Huskies, will need to be brushed more often than other breeds but because of how their coats work, they won’t need a full shave/haircut each year. Other breeds, like standard poodles, will actually need a haircut on occasion though! Make sure to research exactly what your dog’s breed needs.

Foods and Plants That Are Toxic To Dogs and Cats is an incomplete list of the human foods and common plants that are not good for our pets. While it can be hard to say no to those puppy eyes while you’re eating, it can sometimes be better to say no so you can avoid any illness! The best coarse of action is always prevention (little to no table scraps, putting food away in places where they can’t get it, baby locks on cabinets if they’re too smart for their own good, etc). But many vets and emergency animal hospitals are often able to help in some way if something does happen.

Lastly, some people (myself included!) have bucket lists for their dogs! The list can just be going on new adventures, like to a dog bar or to the mountains to play in the snow, or meeting new people and animals! Rooster has his own list, which is primarily comprised of activities he already loves doing, and we’ve already done a lot of stuff!

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