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I’ve shared on Instagram countless times that Milo is an exceptionally food motivated dog, which makes sense for a golden. He loves just about everything food-related and has, on occasion, caused some problems getting into human food. While there are a lot of foods and drinks that are not good for dogs, there are others that are really great and pretty healthy! Here are some great snacks or foods to add to your dog’s diet:



During the summer in the Pacific Northwest, blueberries are a tasty treat for both dogs and humans! However, these berries can give your dog some digestive trouble if they eat too many so limit the amount they get at any given time. A few on top of their meal can be a wonderful surprise for them though!


If you follow The Golden Ratio 4 on any social media platform, you know just how much some dogs love carrots! Carrots can be a wonderful crunchy treat for your dog but if your dog has some teeth problems (like Rooster), you can also roast some carrots! That’s easy as just baking carrots for a few minutes until soft (more or less). Full carrots can be a great after dinner treat while baby carrots can be a great little treat while out on walks or working on training.


A couple years ago, Milo discovered that the chickens I share with my neighbor actually produce wonderfully delicious eggs! Since then, he’s not allowed in the coop because he tries to eat all of the eggs the chickens have laid. Eggs can be a great treat or addition to a dog’s diet, as they are a great source of protein.

Peanut Butter

I’m sure that many people with dogs have given them some peanut butter at some point. Watching dogs eat even just a little bit of peanut butter is very amusing! Plus, peanut butter in bones or kongs make a great puzzle and treat for your pet because it makes them work for the treat!



Kong has a plethora of different toys for dogs and cats of all ages and with many, you can put different kinds of treats or food to keep your dog entertained for a while! The classic ‘Extreme Dog Toy’ and ‘Stuff a Ball’ can both be filled with all kinds of food for your dog.

Puzzle Toys*

If you have a dog (or cat) that eats too fast, one solution is to put their food into a puzzle toy like a slow feeder bowl or interactive games where the pet has to find the food/treat. Eating too fast can be a problem for some animals, as it could result in your pet throwing up not long after a meal or even getting bloat, a potentially fatal condition. Puzzle toys can help slow down a meal and is an enriching and entertaining activity for your pet! Tully’s Training has a list of some of the best puzzle toys that do exist.

I do want to say that these snacks/treats should in no way replace your pet’s usual food. Dogs (and cats) need a wide range of nutrients that come from a variety of sources. If you’re looking for good food for your pet, I recommend talking to your vet about the pet’s nutritional needs and doing some more research. The foods I listed above are just some of the great treats you can occasionally add to your pet’s diet.

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