Over the past few months, Rooster and I have been spending a whole lot of time together! As a dog with some intense anxiety, he’s always been my shadow and as he’s gotten older, that really hasn’t changed too much. We still spend a whole lot of time together but our time is usually filled with me doing chores around the house as he sleeps and occasionally checks in.

Rooster may be moving a lot slower but we’ve still done some fun things over the past couple of months! We’ve gone to a couple parks right on the bay a few times and Milo even joined us on a few of those trips. We also celebrated Rooster’s unofficial 14th birthday on October 9th with some whipped cream! Rooster was very grateful for his puppaccino, once he figured out what it was. We also watched as a volunteer pumpkin grew in my neighbor’s yard and Rooster got his photo with it before it was cut!

His bucket list is an ongoing adventure, as he’s not able to do a ton of activities in a single day (or even in a few days). I’ve realized in this bucket list adventure that he seems really happy to do one big outing (like go to a park!) and then go home for a nap in the sun. Completing this list has become less of doing one-off events and more about regularly doing the things he loves the most.