Behind the Breed is a new series about the history and characteristics of different breeds of cats and dogs! There’s nothing wrong with a pet that’s a mix or a mutt; Rooster, for example, is probably a black lab mix and has all the characteristics of a lab retriever and a few of a hound. But knowing the general characteristics of different breeds can help you decide what kind of dog or cat you might want and what to generally expect with different kinds of pets.

Each week, I’ll be writing about one specific cat or dog breed and sharing the general characteristics and history of that breed. According to the American Kennel Club, there are over 340 dog breeds around the world and the AKC formally recognizes 192 breeds. Similarly, The International Cat Association formally recognizes 71 different cat breeds.

There will be a history of the breed, general characteristics, and information about the best way to care for them!

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