American Bobtails are rather interesting and unique cats, as get their name from their distinctive tails that are significantly shorter than other domesticated cats. American Bobtail cats also have tufted ears and toes, a large personality, and will often weigh 8-13 pounds. Because of their shorter tail, this breed looks a bit wild but they’re sweet as can be.

Bobtail cats have existed in numerous places, like Japan and the Isle of Man, for centuries and their short tails come from a natural genetic mutation. It’s said that American Bobtails were first bred in the 1960s when a short-tailed brown domestic shorthair cat mated with a seal point Siamese. Since then, the breed’s signature characteristic has been its short tail, as other characteristics have been difficult to breed for. Because of that, American Bobtails have all sorts of differing characteristics. Their fur can come in different lengths, colors, and patterns and their eyes can be any color.

As far as personality, American Bobtails tend to be loving, intelligent, and interactive cats that love to play games and with toys. They’ll often chirp and trill when happy and bobtails can be a bit mischievous, as the Animal Facts Blog states that they “have the irregular and uncanny capacity to open shut entryways, escape containers and largely free themselves from any walled in the area they do not care for. They likewise very much famous to keep running off with sparkling items that strike their favor” [Animal Facts Blog, 7 Facts About American Bobtail Cats You Have To Know, July 28, 2017].

On a similar note, compared American Bobtails to Golden Retrievers in their profile of the breed because both breeds are friendly, loving, and devoted to their people! Others have compared this cat breed to dogs, as they often are incredibly playful and love people. Plus, some have even been leash trained and love going on walks with their people. They would make a great companion for families, even families with young children!

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