Personality wise, Birman cats are exceptionally friendly cats around all sorts of people and other animals and are quiet and docile. They’ll love to spend time with you and might try to follow you from room to room! Birmans are smart cats and very curious; they love to explore and have been known to end up in weird places.

These cats have a mysterious history with numerous legends and folklores that explain how they got their colorings and markings. It’s said that these cats got their striking appearance due to an intervention from a blue-eyed goddess in Myanmar! While we may not know the genetic history of these cats, we do know that they did arrive in the United States in 1959 and were registered with the Cat Fanciers’ Association in 1967.

These cats will have a fluffy single coat that slightly longer than some cats but not as intense as cats like Maine Coons. They tend to have a pointed color pattern like Siamese cats (the color on their face, ears, legs, and tails are darker than the rest of their body) and come in a variety of colors. A seal point Birman, for example, has a light cream coat with a dark brown face, ears, legs, and tail.

[Image text: These cats are very friendly and social, smart and curious, and love to explore]

The good news is that while their coats are slightly long, they are silky in nature and won’t mat easily. That said, they will need to be brushed weekly to keep their coats clean and healthy! And because of their beautiful coats and appearance, it might be best to have your Birman cat be indoors only, as strangers might cat-nap one because of its beautiful coat!

Birmans would make great cats for families with children and other pets because of their friendly disposition. This, of course, depends on whether they’re treated nicely and with respect, as an unwarranted invasion of space or constant tail pulling can be overwhelming for any pet. But Birmans are willing to go along with a lot of shenanigans, including getting dressed up in costumes on occasion!

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