Over the last ten months or so, Rooster and I have been doing so many fun things to celebrate the time we have left with him! We’ve gone to Paws For A Beer and made so many friends, said hi to animals at Hovander Park, played in the snow, gone on adventures with Milo, and so much more. Being able to give Rooster the best possible life after what I assume was a terribly traumatic beginning has been so wonderful.

At this point, Rooster is still doing pretty great! He’s 14 years old now, officially making him old as heck for a black lab! But he hasn’t let his age stop him from adventures. Being around younger dogs and the longer, nicer days have both helped him immensely. We’ve gone to Lake Padden with Milo on several occasions, gone on walks with our friend Rain, taken naps in the front yard, and explored the pasture next door. He’s helped out with the garden, sniffed everything in sight, and so much more! He even got to play in a bunch of snow in February 2019 when parts of the Pacific Northwest, including our town, was covered in about a year’s worth of snow. All that snow was a hassle for most but Rooster sure was happy!

Being able to do fun stuff with Rooster has been such a blessing over the years. And making sure to do extra fun things over the last few months has only made our time together so much more special! Plus, there are plenty more adventures ahead for Rooster.