This very friendly and affectionate cat breed comes from the taiga of Siberia, which is a forested area with snow and a subarctic climate. Siberian cats have been known in Russia for over 1,000 years and are even found in some Russian folktales! Many other cultures also prize these cats for their hunting abilities, as they were able to keep mice and rats away from grain and food storage in homes and stores.

Siberian cats are relatively large, often getting to be 8-17 pounds (and sometimes more!). They can be muscular with large, round paws and medium-large ears covered in tufts of fur. Their eyes are often nearly round and can be green, gold, green/gold, or even copper in color. Their coats come in a variety of colors too.

Because of where they came from, these cats also have a triple coat of different hair/fur layers that helps them keep warm. The outer coat is the guard hairs, which helps to repel water and keep the cat dry. The middle layer of hairs is called awn hairs, which form the basic coat. And the last layer, the one closest to the skin, is the downy undercoat! Tufts of fur also cover their paws and their tails are thick and furry. But like any long-haired cat, Siberian cats need regular grooming and brushing.

Personality wise, Siberian cats are fearless, playful, quiet, and calm. They love being around their people and get along with children, dogs, other cats, and other animals. They’re intelligent and creative problem solvers who occasionally even exhibit dog-like behavior and stay playful their entire lives. Sometimes, they’ll even greet people at the door, play fetch, or even come when called. Typically, many will chirp or thrill instead of meowing.

These cats are cute and seem like a wonderful fit for many homes, especially if you have children, dog(s), or other cats. Even without children, dogs, or cats, Siberian cats seem like a wonderful fit for a home because of their wonderful and friendly personality.

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