If you’re looking for a great backyard chicken, Australian Australorps are a great option! With black feathers that have a purple or green tint, these chickens can be raised for meat or eggs and can adapt well to a variety of climates. Standard Australorps usually weigh 7-8 pounds and bantams weigh 2-3 pounds.

In the early 20th century, black Orpington chickens were imported to Australia from England and were eventually bred with Rhode Island Reds, Minorcas, white Leghorn, Langshan and possibly some Plymouth Rocks. The outcome of all this crossbreeding was the Australorp, a breed that has and continues to be a great egg layer. These chickens usually lay 5-6 large, brown eggs a week and are popular entries in egg-laying competitions. It’s even said that one Australorp even laid 364 eggs in a single year!

As far as their personality goes, Australorps are peaceful, docile, and quiet birds that do well in relative confinement. Between that and their egg-laying capabilities, they make great additions to any backyard flock. They also have a rather stately walk, which makes them glide across any yard like a Duchess walking into a tea party. Additionally, hens of this breed make attentive and affectionate mothers.

Australorps are a gentle chicken breed that lays a decent amount of eggs every year. They are also beautiful chickens because of their black feathers that have a purple or green tint in the sun. If you’re looking for a good breed for an urban backyard flock, Australorps are a great choice!

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