Climate change is an increasingly pressing issue that affects people, wildlife, and ecosystems around the world. Rising sea levels from melting glaciers affect island countries around the equator and animals like polar bears are losing more of their habitats. Wildfires along the west coast of the US have gotten worse over the years because of increasingly dry and hot climates.

Many have taken to the streets today to demand action be taken to stop climate change. The Global Climate Strike has brought together millions of people from all around the world together. Students, nurses, teachers, parents, grandparents, people of all ages and background have taken to the streets to demand change.

For those who say that these strikes should take place a different time as to not disrupt businesses or schools, you are missing the point. The entire point of strikes and of protests is to disrupt, to call attention to an issue in the loudest way. Climate change is threatening our future and especially threatens the future of your children and grandchildren.

Not only does climate change affect our world and daily life but it also increases mental and physical illnesses. Natural disasters and other climate change activities are having a profound impact on the mental health of children and young adults. There are also many nurses who are a part of today’s Climate Strike to demand climate justice, as some have seen an uptick in climate change-related injuries and illnesses. Chronic respiratory diseases and burns from contact with a sidewalk are just some of the things reported by nurses around the country.

People are striking today for many reasons. A recent LA Times op-ed from Nikayla Jefferson talks about seeing climate change hell in person and how it influenced her to strike. Nurses, as mentioned, are striking because their work has shown them the physical effects of climate change. There have been other climate strikes over the years and many other reasons why people are striking.

There are many other ways to continue this conversation and work. Participate in strikes like today. Contact your elected officials and demand legislative action like the Green New Deal. Support local farmers when you can. Plant trees and pollinator-friendly gardens. Use less plastic, support sustainable fishing companies, and help with ocean cleanups in whatever way you can. There is no one right way to be a climate activist but there are many ways you can do your part.


To all those striking, I’m with you today! ✊

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