This black and white chicken breed is one of the oldest breeds in the country and was a favorite amongst folks all across the US, as it’s one of the few breeds to rival the Rhode Island Red in egg and meat production. Also known as Barred Rock chickens, Plymouth Rocks are average-sized, usually weighing 6-8 pounds, and will produce 4-6 eggs a week! Because of their black and white stripes, they can stand out in a flock.

Also known as Barred Rocks, Plymouth Rock chickens make great backyard chickens, as they’re low maintenance and need little space. While they do love to run freely when given the chance, these chickens need about 10-13 square feet in their coop and run. If given the chance to roam, they can be quite active and curious birds to have around. But in general, they’re a hardy and low maintenance breed, making them great on any homestead or in any backyard.

In addition to being rather robust, Plymouth Rock hens are known for having a great temperament. They’re known for being very sweet, curious, and friendly! If they’re out and about, there’s a good chance they’ll follow you around just to see what you’re up to (or even to see if you have treats for them!). Plymouth Rocks are also known for being a quiet chicken breed compared to others. They do still make noise but their egg songs aren’t shouted out to the world like other breeds. There are, of course, exceptions to this rule.

When the breed was first starting out, hens had a tendency to go broody, which is when the hen would sit on eggs so that they’d hatch into little chicks! Even without a rooster (and thus, fertilized eggs and the potential for chicks), hens can get broody and will spend a significant amount of time sitting on eggs or even just the nest. Today’s Plymouth Rock hens are less broody but they can be great sitters and moms to chicks if you’re interested in hatching your own new generation.

This breed would be great for any homesteader, backyard chicken enthusiast, or small hobby farmer. They’re also great around children because of their friendly and gentle nature. If you live in a place with cold winters, this is also a great breed to have around. All in all, Plymouth Rocks can be really great chickens to have around!

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