As the only naturally spotted domestic cat breed, Egyptian maus are unique and wonderful cats. In addition to their spots, these cats are also very fast and intelligent. They’re great with people and other cats, making them great additions to any home, especially on with children! While they’re interactive and affectionate cats, they also like to do things on their own terms.

The ancestry of this breed isn’t known for sure, as it’s thought that Egyptian maus have been around for 4,000 years and come from African wildcats. They’ve been depicted in ancient Egyptian artwork and there are indications that the breed was used for duck hunting and was even worshipped by a cat cult! Russian princess Natalie Troubetskoy is credited as saving the breed after World War II (and introducing it to the US in 1956).

Egyptian maus usually weigh 6-14 pounds, stand up to 24 inches tall, and often live 12-15 years old. Their coats are medium in length and are usually spotted in silver, bronze, or smoke. In addition to their spots, the most distinctive part of an Egyptian mau is their eyes. Their eyes are green, large, and a bit slanted, which ultimately gives them a worried expression. Their back legs are actually slightly longer, which may be how they’re able to run so fast (up to 30 miles an hour!).

Grooming is relatively easy with this breed, as they don’t tend to excessively shed. Brushing once a week should help keep their coats shiny and healthy and baths are almost never necessary. There aren’t any particular health problems specific to this breed but regular vet care and dental care can still help keep the cat healthy.

Egyptian Maus are incredibly affectionate, intelligent, and energetic. Some have said that they are the Greyhound dog of the cat world! They love to play, climb, hunt, and chase toys. These cats also learn quickly and have been known to open doors or cabinets to get what they want.

Ultimately, this breed would be a great addition to any home, especially if you’re looking for an affectionate and active cat. The Cat Fancier’s Association has a list of Egyptian Mau breeders but it’s important to always do your research on a breeder before adopting.

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