The Saturday after Thanksgiving in the United States has recently been called ‘Small Business Saturday’ as a call to support local and small businesses. In the Pacific Northwest, there are so many small businesses dedicated to animals, pets, and folks who love them! So instead of a ‘Behind the Breed’ post this week, I thought I’d share some of the amazing small businesses here in the northwest.

The Northwest Dog

This company is based in Portland, OR and features products like gorgeous bandanas, soy candles, dog scarves, human scarves and beanies, and more! The Northwest Dog has only been in business for a year and a half now but has created an amazing community.

You can order items from The Northwest Dog online at their shop.

All Dog Kind

A few months ago, I shared the memorial pet portraits that I got from Lauren at All Dog Kind. These renditions of Rooster and Milo still sit over my desk and bring me joy every single day.

Lauren started All Dog Kind in November 2017 and in addition to custom pet portraits, you can also get bandanas and cute hats! The small hats come in all sorts of styles: a donut hat, rainbow hat, holiday lights, birthday hat, and more! Lauren has a unique style and creates items that are adorable and wonderful.

You can order from All Dog Kind online from their shop.

FurHaven Pet Products

This company is based in Bellingham, WA and sells various kinds of dog beds, pet throws, and more. FurHaven has a variety of pet beds like a burrow bed, elevated cot bed, kennel pad for crates, a deluxe mattress, and so much more! These beds are made for dogs and cats of all sizes and ages. They also sell accessories like leashes, travel water bowls, harnesses, and more.

FurHaven is located in Bellingham, WA but you can order from them online.


If you are a wild bird lover and live in Whatcom County, The Wild Bird Chalet in Bellingham, WA is a great place to go! This company is at the corner of Ohio Street and Cornwall Ave and has a variety of birdbaths, feeders, and food for the wild birds in our county. Like other types of wildlife, birds of all kinds have specific diets and the Wild Bird Chalet has a variety of seed mixes and suet cakes that are meant for wild birds. They also have some tips on feeding wild birds!

There are, of course, many other dog and pet related local businesses in the Pacific Northwest that you can support today and every day! What are your favorite small animal-related businesses?

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