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Right now, parts of Western Washington and the Puget Sound are coated in some snow. We’ve never been that great at dealing with snow, especially compared to other parts of the world that get snow on a more regular basis. But the good news is that there are some products that might make it easier for you and your pet to deal with the snow! The following are some great pet products for the snow to keep your pet happy, engaged, and safe.


There are many reasons to get booties for your dog, especially if you plan on taking them snowshoeing or hiking in the snow. Snow can easily get lodged in between your dog’s toes, which can be painful and annoying for your pup. Additionally, salt and deicers on roads and sidewalks can cause stomach aches and illness if your dog ingests some by licking their paws after a walk. Booties, while weird for your dog to wear, can make all the difference!

Reflective Scarf or vest

A reflective scarf or vest can be great at any time of the year but especially in the wintertime when the days are shorter and it’s harder to see. And some vests are both reflective and water/windproof! Some options include:


For small dogs and senior dogs, sweaters are incredibly useful during cold snaps, as they offer warmth and protection that they might not be able to provide for themselves.


If you are planning for a chill snow day inside, a puzzle toy or treat can keep your pet entertained! Like us, cats and dogs can get bored so enrichment through toys can provide them with something to do. Kong Extreme Toys are durable toys that you can often fill with treats and require your pet to get out.

There are also a few puzzle toys for dogs too! The Outward Hound Dog Brick Game requires your dog to search for treats and maneuver a few features. There are also stuffed toys like the HideASquirrel where you can hide stuffed squirrels and treats in a stuffed log.

For cats, there are so many wonderful toys to keep them busy! A Petstages Tower of Tracks is a three-tier toy with balls that a cat can knock around. And of course, there are cat wands with feathers so you can make your cat chase and jump around!

Chicken Treats

If you have backyard chickens that are anything like my chickens, they’re probably annoyed with this cold, snowy weather. But there are some treats you can get them to make the day a little better! Scratch and Peck Feeds is based in Whatcom County and they make feed and treats for chickens, including some Clunkin’ Good Grubs Tasty Treats.


How are you and your pets handling the winter weather? I hope you all are staying warm and having fun!

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