Also known as Atlas Sheepdogs and Atlas Mountain Dogs, this breed is a muscular, energetic, and protective dog native to Northern Africa (particularly Morocco). They’re medium in size, usually weighing 50-55 pounds and standing 20-24 inches tall. Aidis have some resemblance to sheepdogs and have been breed for guarding livestock (although they’re often kept as companions nowadays).

Bred in the Atlas Mountains of Northern Africa (in countries like Libya, Morocco, and Algeria), Aidis were used as hunters and protectors, often protecting their owners from predators. These dogs are alert and agile, which prove to be great qualities in a livestock guard dog. Not much else is known about the breed’s history, as Aidis have been around for nearly 3,000 years! While the first breed standard for Aidis was published in 1963, the American Kennel Club hasn’t recognized the breed. The United Kennel Club in Michigan, however, recognized the ‘Atlas Mountain Dog’ in July 2006 and has an official breed standard.

Aidi dogs have a thick, coarse coat that’s medium in length and weather resistant. Coat colors for the breed include black, white, black and white, tawny, and pale red. Grooming isn’t particularly excessively but these dogs will need to be brushed regularly and bathed only when necessary. Aidis may also blow their coats once or twice a year, resulting in more shedding for a brief time. Like any other breed, they’ll also need nail trims, dental care, and trips to the vet to be healthy.

These dogs are smart, which makes them easy to train. However, consistent, firm training will be needed for Aidis, as they can be independent thinkers and a bit stubborn. Plus, these dogs can be emotionally sensitive so positive reinforcement will be key for any training. But with training, exercise, and possibly even a job, Aidis can make great pets! In addition to being intelligent guard dogs, Aidis are faithful and affectionate with their families. They may not be great in apartments or with people who can’t walk them every day, as they do well with a securely fenced backyard and need to be taken on long daily walks.

While Aidis aren’t as popular as Labradors or Goldens in the US, the breed makes for a great companion. Aidis are intelligent, affectionate dogs that have been around for thousands of years. They make great guard dogs, as they have a keen sense of smell and a strong protective instinct.