These energetic red dogs are moderately popular in the United States and for good reason! As energetic and affectionate dogs, Vizslas are great family dogs and would make great running partners. Vizslas aren’t for those looking for a couch potato in a dog, as they’re incredibly energetic and need regular physical and mental exercise. Their history as hunting dogs meant hours in the field with their owners, which resulted in the breed loving having a job to do and they get very attached to their people.

Originally from Hungry, these dogs have been hunting companions for centuries and were eventually developed to point and retrieve game. Vizslas come from dogs kept by Magyars, a group of people who settled in Hungry over a thousand years ago. Depictions of the breed can be found in art throughout history, including a 10th-century etching and a 14th-century manuscript chapter on falconry.

Vizslas are one of the smallest hunting dogs and have an easy-to-maintain coat. They’re similar in build to Weimaraners but usually weigh 40-65 pounds and stand 21-24 inches at the shoulder, which makes them a bit smaller than then gray counterparts. A Vizsla’s short coat is easy to care for, as they usually just need semi-regular brushes and occasional baths. But like any dog, regular ear/dental cleanings and nail trimming are vital to keeping these dogs healthy!

Because of their history as hunting dogs, Vizslas need training, exercise, and challenges to keep from being bored and destructive. Training is relatively easy with this breed, as they’re intelligent and love challenges. Running and hiking are great ways to burn off some of their excessive energy and puzzle toys would keep their active minds busy while at home. Plus, Vizslas thrive in sports like agility courses, obedience classes, and search and rescue work.

Vizslas would make great family dogs, as they’re often friendly, affectionate, and great with children. This breed needs to be indoor dogs with their families, as they’re really attached to their people; they’re called Velcro Vizlas for their desire to be right next to you all the time! These dogs are emotionally sensitive and don’t tolerate very cold weather. Additionally, some Vizslas won’t be great with small animals, like hamsters, guinea pigs, and rabbits, because of their prey drive. They may be okay with cats if raised with them.

Ultimately, Vizslas would make great companions for any active person or family! Their friendly temperament and high energy levels mean they love being around their people and need plenty of exercise and enrichment.