Boxers are a popular breed and for good reason, these dogs are goofy, bright, and energetic. Despite their square jaw and muscular statue, boxers are great family dogs and wonderful around children. They’re medium in size and have short coats. If you’re looking for a happy, active dog, a boxer would be a great companion!

Boxers, as we know them today, were developed in Germany during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Some of the boxer’s ancestors include two different types of Bullenbeiser, a currently extinct hunting breed from Germany, bulldogs, and terriers. This mix of breeds led to the hardy and agile dog we know as the Boxer. When bull-baiting was made illegal, Boxers were used as butcher’s dogs and would help with cattle in slaughter yards. But that wasn’t their only job, as Boxers also worked as police/military dogs, guard dogs, and even guide dogs for the blind. It took some time but eventually, this breed became a popular companion in the US.

As far as care goes, these dogs are relatively easy to care for. Their short coats are easy to groom and they have been known to groom themselves like cats! Like any breed, they will need regular nail trims and dental care. However, what Boxers lack in grooming needs, they make up for in exercise, enrichment, and training needs. Their goofy and energetic attitudes make them playful companions and regular exercise like walks, sports, or hikes will keep them happy and healthy. Training is also key with Boxers, as they’re big and strong enough to possibly knock someone over or accidentally hurt people. Positive reinforcement and consistent training will make a big difference!

Unlike some other breeds, Boxers are house dogs and will not tolerate being left outside for long periods of time or left alone for hours and hours on end. Their short coats are easy to maintain but it means they’re unsuited for cold weather. If you live in an area that gets very cold in the winter, getting a sweater for your Boxer would be a good idea. Plus, their short noses also means they’re also relatively unsuited for hot weather. Boxers do have short tails and there are two reasons for this: a genetic mutation and tail docking. The mutation for the short bobtail is the C189G and there are 27 other breeds that have natural bobtails because of a genetic mutation. As tail docking has gotten more controversial, some people have even started breeding different breeds to have this gene mutation and thus, a natural bobtail.

Ultimately, boxers are sweet, energetic dogs that would make great companions, especially for families. They’re a playful breed and would absolutely love a fenced yard to play in and regular walks. While they can be protective of their family, Boxers would not be great outdoor dogs and need to live in the house with you. But these happy dogs would be wonderful to have around!