There are a few breeds that look or are considered dangerous. The title of ‘most dangerous breed’ has changed over the years but for some, rottweilers are a scary breed. Like with any breed, a dog’s temperament is often dependent on genetics and life experience; plus, training can really help dogs understand and follow rules! Rottweilers are no exception to this and are often loving, loyal guardians.

Rottweilers are a working breed that comes from southern Germany and flourished as cattle dogs. Their name and ancestors come from the Roman history of the area. When the Romans settled in the area hundreds of years ago, they built villas with red-titled roofs. These villas were eventually found in an excavation 600 years after being built and inspired a town’s name: das Rote Wil (the red title).

These villas weren’t the only thing Romans contributed to the history of Rottweilers, as they also brought along some of their ancestors! Molossuses were mastiff-type dogs that worked as cattle driving and guarding dogs, which Rottweilers eventually did too. When trains became the norm for cattle transport, the breed almost went extinct but that changed when the Rottweiler and Leonberger Club was founded in 1901. Rottweilers were eventually used as police dogs and became popular in the 1990s as an excellent obedience dog.

Rottweilers are large dogs, standing 24-26 inches at the shoulder and weighing 80-135 pounds. They have naturally floppy ears and a short, double coat that’s black with tan markings. Weekly grooming should keep their coats shiny. As their history shows, these dogs have been working dogs for generations and need exercise, enrichment, and attention to be happy and healthy.

These dogs are large and powerful so they can easily cause a lot of destruction if left alone and bored for too long. Consistent training and socialization are important, as some Rottweilers can be suspicious or even aggressive towards strangers or dogs they don’t know. While that sounds scary, rottweilers are smart and positive reinforcement can result in a happy, loyal, and adaptable dog great for families.

Rottweilers are dogs you shouldn’t get on a whim, as they require plenty of care and training. You’ll need to be dedicated to training with this breed but that time and effort pay off! These dogs can thrive in dog shows, agility courses, tracking, or other sports but would be happy with an active family too.

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