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Pets are an important part of life for many folks, especially during the last year. Pandemic life can be lonely but it seems like our dogs, cats, and other pets have brought us all a lot of joy! The good news about this digital age is that there are plenty of places to get much needed pet supplies and there are so many different products that can make life for you and your pet so much easier.

Tabcat Cat Tracker

If you’ve ever had a cat, you know how stressful it can be if they get out or haven’t been seen in a couple days. That’s where the Tabcat Cat Tracker comes in! This small, splash-proof device helps you locate your cat if they get lost and can be easily attached to their collar. This device actually relies on radio frequency, not GPS, to help keep track of your cat. This difference allows for a much lighter device (at only 6 grams!), better accuracy, and longer battery life. There’s only a 400ft range but many cats are territorial and often stay within what they deem their territory.

Fitbark GPS Dog Tracker

The good news for dog owners is that there is a GPS tracker available for dogs! Fitbark sells a waterproof dog location and health monitor device to those in the United States. This device depends on Wi-fi and Verizon coverage but monitors your dog’s location, sleep, and activity levels. It can also be linked with Fitbit, Apple Watch, or Google Fit and you can monitor multiple dogs with one app.

DogTV: Video Content Made for Dogs and Their Owners

It may sound incredibly strange to have an entire company dedicated to content made exclusively for dogs but this programming actually uses science to keep your dog happy and relaxed all day, especially when you’re gone. There are even hundreds of fun and educational programs for dog owners! If you have an anxious dog, DogTV could help keep them occupied while you run errands or work.

Bone Single Diner Pet Feeder (from Muttropolis)

Raised pet bowls are particularly great for larger dog breeds because it allows for a more comfortable posture while eating! By having the right sized raised feeder, digestion can be properly regulated and there’s less pressure on the dog’s neck muscles and joints. All of that means a happy, healthier dog and less of a mess for you to clean up. This raised feeder is made from flat wire wrought iron and is just one offered by Muttropolis. Other raised feeders include the Dog Food Lagoon and the Cityline Double Diner Pet Feeder.


Chasing Tails Ramps

If you have a senior dog or a dog with a long or bad back, you know how difficult it can be for these dogs to get up and down heights. That’s where Chasing Tails ramps come in! These ramps are easy to use, slip-free, and adjustable, making them a universal fit for any bed or couch. Plus, the ramps can be folded up and stored under a couch or bed to save space.

Have you ever tried one of these products before? Let me know in the comments – I’d love to hear about your experience!

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