With a relatively tall stature and distinctive silvery-grey coat, Weimaraners are a gorgeous and fearless breed that love to spend quality time with their people. These dogs are intelligent and positive reinforcement training can be fun with them! While they can great with children (but they may be a bit too much for very small kids) and easy to groom, these dogs can be emotionally sensitive and don’t adapt well to apartment life.

Weimaraners generally stand 23-27 inches at the shoulder and with long legs, these dogs were born to run! Their origins are as a sportsman’s companion, as German nobility in the Weimer region attempted to make the ultimate sporting dog in the 19th century. Their earliest jobs involved hunting big game like deer and bears but were eventually used to also hunt birds, rabbits, and foxes. Ancestors of this breed include the German Shorthaired Pointer, the bloodhound, the blue Great Dane, and the English Pointer.

As sporting/hunting dogs, there’s always the possibility that Weimaraners develop behavioral issues like chasing small animals (including cats), barking at neighbors or cats, separation anxiety, and obsessive fetching. They’re also not meant to spend all their time outside by themselves, as they truly prefer being with their people and spending too much time alone in the backyard might result in digging or escape attempts. While they’re not the most likely breed to escape and get lost, some folks have even described Weimaraners as Houdinis for their ability to get out of backyards.

Their potential mouthiness, prey drive, and wanderlust potential can make life interesting and as independent thinkers, they will often test your boundaries! While not every Weimaraner will be exactly the same, these smart dogs can be easy to train. With regular exercise (particularly running), mental stimulation, and training, Weimaraners can be absolutely wonderful dogs and they usually enjoy dog sports like agility or obedience.

Nicknames for Weimaraners include silver ghosts or gray ghosts, which references their gorgeous and sleek grey coat. These coats are short and easy to groom, usually only needing a weekly brushing and an occasional bath. Like any other dog, Weimaraners will need regular nail trimming and brushing of their teeth. Their pendant ears can have potential issues for ear infections so weekly checks and quick clean could prevent an ear infection or at least prevent one from getting worse.

If you’re looking for an active companion, don’t have any small animals (like cats), and want a dog with a short coat, a Weimaraner might just be for you. These silvery-grey dogs are intelligent, fearless, and were made to run! Dog sports, going on runs, and hiking are all great activities for Weimaraners and they really love being included with their people.

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