The new year has officially begun! I’ve spent the last few years ringing in the new year with a quiet celebration with Rooster; he falls asleep very early on and I often watch the celebrations/fireworks at the Space Needle in Seattle on television. It’s not a particularly loud or memorable way to ring in the new year but it’s our little tradition and seems to work for us!

2018 felt like a long year filled with love, adventures, and a few heartbreaks. Shasta the llama died not long after the new year started and Mady and Mini the sheep were rehomed about 24 hours after that. Tahlequah the Southern Resident orca made news when she spent more than 2 weeks grieving and carrying her calf that died after only 30 minutes after being born.

But last year also brought many moments of love and adventure. Milo and I spent over two hours last January exploring the Northern State Recreation Area in Skagit County and saw all the abandoned buildings. Rooster had some health issues but has bounced back and will be celebrating 7 years with our family in just a couple days! I created a bucket list for him and we’ve done so many fun things over the past few months!

May of 2019 marks five years since I graduated college and I never really thought I’d end up where I am today. Working with and learning about animals has been the best way I could ever spend my time. Being able to care for llamas, sheep, chickens, dogs, cats, and wildlife has been a blessing for me and I’m incredibly excited to see where this life takes me this year. I’m grateful for all the animals that have been in my life the past couple of years and grateful to have a platform to talk about them!

Happy New Year to all and may you have a wonderful 2019!

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