Holidays of many cultures are approaching and for some, gift-giving is a part of the celebrations! If you have any folks who love animals or even some animals you love in your life, there are many gift ideas for them!

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For People

Earth Rated Poop Bags, 270 Count. Any dog owner can tell you that an abundance of poop bags is always appreciated! There’s nothing quite like realizing you’re out of bags while your dog is pooping on your neighbor’s front yard. This may not be the most glamorous gift but definitely functional.

A Llama in a Headband and Sunflowers Shirt. Llamas are wonderful creatures and this shirt is a cute rendition of the camelid. It comes in three fits, five colors, and in sizes small to 3XL.

A 12 oz Hydroflask Mug. This insulated mug comes in five colors and has a handle, making it easy to hold. It’s perfect for any coffee or tea fan looking to decrease their single-use plastic consumption and for anyone who camps! Plus, Hydroflask products tend to be fairly durable and can last for years.

All Dog Kind: Pet Portraits* You may not be able to get the final product by the holidays but this gift would still be wonderful for any pet owner, even after the holidays. I got a pet portrait of Rooster and Milo a few months ago and it’s something that I’ll treasure for many years to come.

Sasquatch Soap from Seattle Sundries*. This natural skincare soap is scented with essential oils and comes in a handy travel tin, making it great for camping and outdoor lovers! The Sasquatch one smells like tea tree, cedarwood, and lemon. There are many other soaps from Seattle Sundries, including one called “Bees’ Knees” that smells like lavender and honey!

‘Pit Bull Flower Power’ by Sophie Gamand. This book comes from Gamand’s photography project of the same name, where she would build elaborate and beautiful flower crowns for pit bull type rescues and take their photos. The project and book are a powerful reminder that stereotypes and misconceptions aren’t always true and that’s the case for many pit bull breeds!

For Pets

Furhaven Pet Beds*. This company is based in Bellingham, WA and creates all sorts of pet beds and products. In addition to making beds for cats and dogs of all sizes, they also make items like water-resistant furniture covers, playpens, and heating pads. There are several different kinds of beds, which include:

The Northwest Dog Bandanas (and more!)*. These bandanas are designed and made by Heather Dowdy and others in Portland, OR. There are also candles, treats, and other accessories. This shop is a great place to check out for any pet or dog person in your life!

Kong Extreme Toys. An important thing for any dog is mental enrichment to keep their mind busy and boredom at bay. Kong has several puzzle toys that require your pet to be fully engaged in order to get treats! And there are several Kong toys that are just durable toys for dogs. Some of the popular toys include:


*There are also so many small businesses you can support that would also make great gifts for any person or animal in your life. All Dog Kind creates custom pet portraits and hats/bandanas for pets and The Northwest Dog creates bandanas for pets and so much more. Furhaven creates dog beds and more while Seattle Sundries has a wide variety of soaps for any outdoor lover!

Of course, time with loved ones is always a great way to spend the holidays. But hopefully, this list helped you think of a gift or two for some of the people and animals in your life!

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