This medium-sized sporting breed has a dense white and orange coat, a high energy level, and a friendly attitude. Brittanys were developed to be hunting companions and gundogs, making them great companions for active homes that love being busy and can include their pup in fun activities! They’re medium in size but aren’t great apartment dogs, as they often do well in a home that has access to a fenced yard and fun activities.

Brittanys were named after the French province of Brittany, where they were initially developed between the 17th and 19th centuries. The province of Brittany is the northwestern region of France and sits just across the English Channel from Wales. That proximity to Wales meant there was historically a lot of trade and a strong relationship between the two areas, which might be why the Brittany dog and the Welsh Springer Spaniel look so similar. 

These dogs were called ‘Brittany Spaniels’ for some time but because they more closely resemble pointers and setters, the spaniel part was officially dropped from their name in 1982. Brittanys were bred to be versatile, all-purpose hunting dogs that could point, flush, and retrieve on hunts. They’re particularly adept at bird hunting and to this day, they can be a bit single-minded when it comes to birds.

Brittanys often stand 17 to 21 inches tall at the shoulder and weigh 30-40 pounds. While they may be medium in size, they definitely have a lot of energy and plenty of fur to shed all year round. Their dense coats are flat or wavy with a little feathering around the ears and are typically white and orange or white and liver. Brittanys are easy to groom, particularly when they’re brushed on a weekly basis and bathed as needed.

Temperament-wise, Brittanys are affectionate, playful, intelligent, and relatively friendly dogs that can be prone to separation anxiety and destruction if left alone with nothing to do. They can also be a bit sensitive to chaotic or negative environments. Activities like hikes, walks around the neighborhood, dog park visits, fetch and other dog sports, and puzzle games are great ways to keep your Brittany happy and engaged. Positive reinforcement training is another great way to bond with a Brittany, as these dogs are so smart, love being included, and are eager to please. Daily activities and positive training can help curb or eliminate any behavior trainings a Brittany might have. They also tend to be affectionate with families and great with young children and other dogs.

If you’re looking for a medium-sized dog with a lot of energy and happiness, a Brittany just might be the dog for you! These dogs are typically great family dogs and would thrive in a home where they can be included in fun activities, like running around outside.